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Brett Bell Jr. is a native of Denver, Colorado growing up in the Northeast portion of the city. Brett's interests in photography start from a videography background with BT Graphics and Video. As he gained popularity in filming, his interests shifted towards photography as he was using similar equipment which made a seamless transition. Brett's origins in photography began with scenic landscapes and urban backgrounds given the easy access of growing up in one of the most beautiful states in America. He still shoots scenic landscapes but has transferred those same talents into shooting still subjects, primarily families.


Brett is a husband and a father of a boy and girl. Family means a lot to Brett and gives him motivation to push the idea of family thus founding Kindred Focus in 2016. His mission is to focus on providing both portraits & videos strictly to promote the love of family and the lasting moments that it produces at an affordable rate. He provides on-location photography & videography. "On-location" means that he will come to the location of your choice or your home with all necessary equipment needed to provide quality portraits.

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